Studio Project

Supreme Court of Victoria

Studio project - justice architecture The new Supreme Court of Victoria stands for justice within the heart of Melbourne; it creates a presence in the very day lives of the public by it's siting at the junction of Burke St and Swanston St. The large entry and continuation of the street into the ground floor… Continue reading Supreme Court of Victoria

Studio Project

Mezzo House, St Kilda Road

Studio project - performance venues. The brief for this project was to design a flexible performance venue to add to the collection of cultural institutions in the Arts Precinct of Melbourne. The precinct currently lacks a venue to suit modern performance genres and suffers from a decreasing number of patrons. Mezzo House is situated on the Main… Continue reading Mezzo House, St Kilda Road


Small Living: Case Study House “R1”

As of late, opting to live in smaller houses and spaces is a choice that is becoming more popular. Currently in America is the 'Tiny House Movement' which is promoting living in an area of approximately 10-40sqm as opposed to the average 200sqm. Project R1 is a 28sqm studio and there is more than enough… Continue reading Small Living: Case Study House “R1”